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Amy and Dustin

Ann Thoni
I love puppies and kittens and everything about my clients and their weddings!!! I am a creater of life long memories which will endure your home, your family's homes and your life Forever! My style...

Amy and Dustin

Wow!! I've been slacking on my blogging lately!! Two words... Wedding Season! I have so much to blog about and so little time.... Speaking of time.....I do have a life outside of my work, so blogging is always put on the back burner... I actually hate it when I'm not blogging because the people I work with are such AMAZING people and I love sharing my experiences with our AMAZING clients!!

Amy and Dustin.... What a beautiful couple to work with for the last 6 to 8 months! We first met Amy and her Mom (Margo) at one of our Pink Bridal Shows Murfreesboro. As most brides are skeptical of every vendor they talk to and because of the array of photographers at any given show, Amy and Margo knew once they sat down with me in our studio that I was the photographer for her and Dustin's Engagement, Bridal and Wedding!
Each session went off without a hitch and we began to understand what Amy wanted and expected for her wedding day pictures...

The day of the wedding was a rainy day, but that didn't seem to put any hindrance on any part of their day.
She started getting ready at the beautiful Embassy Suites of Murfreesboro around 12:00 noon.... The bridesmaids wore little black dresses with a compliment of fuchsia pink carnations which made for beautiful contrast with the black dresses! The bride's gown was pure white with just enough detail at her waistline... Her bouquet was made with lilies, carnations, roses and hydrangeas which were absolutely GORGEOUS to say the very least!!
Their ceremony was held at her family's church (Grace Lutheran Church in Murfreesboro) on a May Saturday at 5:00pm....The images speak tons of stories and the ceremony was a huge success! The church was quaint and had lots of history...And some was told to me... I love hearing history of families and their churches! After the ceremony, we did pictures of the bride and groom and their families...Then they were off to their reception!

The reception started off with a bang of an entrance of the bride and groom!! Their first dance song was "Then" by Brad Paisley... "The first dance as husband and wife gets me teary eyed every time!"
The reception went until 11:00pm and I believe the newlyweds had a fabulous time sharing their wedding day with all their family and friends!

Congratulations Dustin and Amy!!!

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