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"As I go into Harms way for Another...


Please Lord go with me." This came from fireman David's helmet from Station 22 on Sneed road... Lucky me had the opportunity to do a photo shoot with Station 22 for their area resident's local magazine... it was such a huge honor for me, "to say the very least!" to ever photograph our service men and women. Our men and women, our fellow Americans, who put on these uniforms and risk their lives on a day to day basis are always highly regarded and respected by me! Many thanks to all of you!   

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Franklin on a Saturday Evening...


The thing I love, the one passion that keeps me going, my home town of Franklin... I absolutely adore and getting to know new hometown folks, is what my professional life is all about! I went to this home in downtown Franklin, thinking I was shooting a family of four, but turned into being mothers, a dad, sisters, brothers and a cousin... the more the merrier, is what I say!!! Lots of family, love, food and a baby running around naked... so comfortable, so cozy and so real. I loved every single minute with this amazing family... Merry Christmas to you all! 

The photos turned out FANTASTIC, which I knew they would! Here's a sneak peek of your beautiful family...  

Cullen's photo!!!
This is what happens when kids get sick of photos!!!
Sloan, Rob???
What an epic scene, an epic piece of art and an epic end to an AMAZING Franklin Family shoot!!!
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A House Full of Pianist...


When I started to talk to Natalie, the wife and mother of this home... I asked, who is the pianist of the family... she tells me, she plays and both of her daughter's play! I can just see them sitting in this front foyer, having mini concerts with the grandparents here, the pets laying around and all are just listening and soaking in all the goodness of family... the memories made in loving homes are absolutely incredible. 
Kurt and Natalie, y'all were amazing to work with and I hope to work with you and your family again very soon. 
Your family is absolutely gorgeous! Super duper easy to photograph!   

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The Infinite of home and Style...


​The infinite of home and style is what I felt working with this family inside their beautiful Williamson County home a few days ago... here is a sneak peek into the gorgeous ceiling to floor windows, to the infinity pool as part of the living space out back, and the family and home felt so warm and super cozy! I could have kept shooting all afternoon... there are photo opportunities at every single turn in this beautiful home! 

Thank you Friedman family for your hospitality, congrats on your upcoming daughter's marriage and Peanut was a fantastic puppy... you all were a pleasure to work with! Enjoy your holidays!

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An Artist in LaurelBrooke...


The Artist in Laurel Brooke or one I had the pleasure meeting Thursday evening, is Fisk University's Director and Curator of the university's galleries and is the Assistant Professor of Art at Fisk University… What a life it must be to have such a production of art at your fingertips day after day… I have to say to Mr. Jamaal Sheats, I am a little jealous of your position.

Marcya and Jamaal were such a pleasure to photograph and was oh so gracious to me in their beautiful home… the centerpiece to their home was the kitchen… I am a true southern girl at heart and home… my favorite room in just about every home, is the kitchen.
Jamaal's art pieces adorned the entire home, every turn I made there was a piece of art Jamaal created.
If you are ever in the Music City Center in Nashville for an event and you happen to see a gallery of art work, it is probably Jamaal Sheats' work.
Marcya and Jamaal have a precious little girl named Juliana, who just turned three. To say the very least, I had a great time photographing her in her little red dress… the images speak for themselves… Juliana is so full of life, she loves to dance, she wants all of Mama's attention and I believe pink is her favorite color! Marcya, you are a wonderful Mama and you are absolutely stunningly beautiful! We should set a time just for you to be photographed in so many various ways! Just saying... treat yourself beautiful lady!!! :))

Thank you both for inviting me into your home, I had a wonderful time! 

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The Story of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Smith



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Her Skills... Her Passion...


There are no words to truly describe how happy we are to have met Ann and to have her do our engagement and wedding photos. She is beyond awesome! Her skills... her passion for capturing the perfect picture... her professionalism! We love her! We most certainly will use her again and will be recommending her to ALL of our family and friends. Thank you Ann!
Steve and Latoya Smith - Married July 28, 2018

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Who was the Shyest


I went to a family's home on Monday evening for a family shoot for Laurel Brooke Living Magazine... A family of four with two sweet daughters who attend Brentwood Academy. This kind family welcomed me into their home with open arms and what a beautiful home it was.

The very first shot I took was of the shyest member of this family… It's their sweet little rescue puppy Peppermint… I chased this little Peppermint around all evening and the very first shot of the evening was the best I could do with this little guy! One is all we really need though, so my job was complete, especially after knowing I captured an epic shot of Peppermint for this family!

The family and the endless photo opts on this property and in the house was a complete treasure for me and my talent. We could have shot photographs all night.
I can't wait to see the story and images of this family in their neighborhood's publication.
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Football and Music…


The high school seniors I get to do are always so much fun… They are young, care free, ambitious, college bound and ready to venture out on their own! Who remembers this as being one the most scariest and exciting times in life! OMGoodness, the life, the lessons they will learn and the people they will meet… It really makes me think back about my own life!

These two are twin high school senior boys who are complete opposites… well, that's what I say anyway, knowing them for a very few short hours… One is a musician and one is an athlete… both are headed in wonderful directions and have wonderful parents guiding them! Good luck to you both, Aaron and Ian, you have the entire world at your feet!

Thank you to the Smith family for allowing me to photograph your boys!
You all were awesome! 

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Blinged Out Boots and Bolo Ties! A True Mexican Culture….


I have done other cultures wedding's but this True Mexican Culture wedding was a complete eye opener… from the moment I arrived until the very last event held at the reception was interesting and a lot of fun for all, including me. The family, the friends, the details, the children was all completely real and true.

The bride's dress was as white as angels wings and her gown's embellishments were absolutely perfection right down to her last piece of intricate lace on her beautiful train that flowed behind her dress as she met her groom at the altar. The groom complimented the bride's gown with his black jacket and black cowboy hat… it fit his personality perfectly!
I love all weddings... seeing two come as one is a pure blessing for me to witness and capture each and every time.
Thank you Floriana and Ava for allowing me to photograph your wedding… Congratulations to you both! 

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