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The Story of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Smith



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I love light, composing and everything about my clients and their weddings! 
I am a creator of life long memories which will endure your home, your family's homes and your lives Forever! My style is happy, open, genuine and personable. All of my clients have an unforgettable, incredible experiences when creating stories with us... Read a few of many, testimonials from our clients right here on my site and check out a blog or two... Each image is a story being told and we capture each and everyone of them... We build relationships with our clients and once you're here, you have found a friend and your life long professional family photographer. 

When I'm not busy working on a wedding, you can catch me with my grandson at the park, playing/visiting or feeding my farm babies or just having lunch with my ninety-one year old mom... I also love cooking for my family, spending time with my family and vacationing with my family!  

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  • "Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second."— Marc Riboud
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