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Together Forever! Julie and Will Compton...

Ann Thoni
I love puppies and kittens and everything about my clients and their weddings!!! I am a creater of life long memories which will endure your home, your family's homes and your life Forever! My style...

Together Forever! Julie and Will Compton...

Julie and Will were absolutely the best couple to work with… They were very laid back, cordial and completely ready to be married to one another… Julie didn't have a lot of special requests but I did get a true feeling what exactly she was expecting from me as her professional wedding photographer. The wedding went off without any hiccups… The women of The Barn at Allenbrooke Farms had everything under control and handled to the last letter. I don't say this often, but I highly recommend this venue to anyone… They are well organized! 

Julie's colors were blush, pink and gold, which made a beautiful combination of pastels to go with her beautiful white wedding dress. Will wore gray which complemented Julie beautifully!

Congratulations to you both and I will see you soon! Happy honeymooning!

Kudos to Allenbrooke Farms, Nashville's Pink Blossom Bakery, Back Alley BBQ, J.Jackson Mobil Mixologist, The Entertainment Company and Lumberyard Gardens (the flowers were stunning.) 

"These circles never end!"
I can actually say, this is one of the all around organized, beautiful and structured wedding venues I have ever worked in! Highly recommend!
So gorgeous!
Until death due us part and was sealed with a kiss!
Karen and Dan, Thank you so much for your generosity and kind words... It absolutely means the world to me!!

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