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Wedding Dresses and Wedding Photography

Ann Thoni
I love puppies and kittens and everything about my clients and their weddings!!! I am a creater of life long memories which will endure your home, your family's homes and your life Forever! My style...

Wedding Dresses and Wedding Photography

Your photography choices can pertain to every aspect of your Wedding!
Every part of your Wedding will be photographed.... Your dress, the venue, your shoes, the food you select.... Absolutely everything! So, the photography should be the very center part of your planning process!

How will your type of wedding dress photograph? First of all, what are the different types of dresses? Here's a great question... Would you dress your brides maids in white?

  • A line/Princess
  • Strapless A line
  • Ball Gown
  • One Shoulder strap
  • V neck
  • Sweetheart Neckline
  • Beads or no Beads
  • Lace or no Lace
  • Mermaid

There are lots of different types of dresses to consider! What type is going to photograph best on your body type? Well, the best I can do is tell you what I've seen and learned by photographing brides in their gowns and watching how the brides do in their gowns during their wedding day.

This wedding gown had lots of detail, which is very beautiful!
What a gorgeous bride she was!

I hate seeing a bride struggle with her gown on her wedding day...but a lot do! Some brides pull and tug on their dress all day and it's because they weren't fitted correctly by their bridal shop! Your bridal store/shop should measure your dress to fit your body to a tee!!! And your bridal shop should tell you if a certain style isn't right for your body type.... That's why you're there... For them to advise you on your dress choices.

This gown was a very classic gown with tons of class (the class comes from that beautiful bride). Her veil was made from her mother's veil with true family and sentimental value! This particular bride holds a special place in our hearts at Forever Images!

Our bridal session is a fabulous time for our Brides to see how her gown wears for that special upcoming Wedding Day!

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