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Wedding Photography do's and don'ts

Ann Thoni
I love puppies and kittens and everything about my clients and their weddings!!! I am a creater of life long memories which will endure your home, your family's homes and your life Forever! My style...

Wedding Photography do's and don'ts

What are some Wedding Photography do's and don'ts....

Wow.... Where shall I start? We've been involved in the Wedding industry for a few years and boy have we learned tons on some do's and don'ts in the Wedding Photography end!

First I would say to visit any wedding photographer at their studio.... Whether it's a home studio or a store front. Look at their work.... Ask tons of questions (no question is to trivial)! If you're asking questions that someone (a potential photographer for your WEDDING Day) doesn't seem to want to answer, that should be a HUGE red flag!! HUGE!! Since the time I've been in this industry, the wide array of personalities in professional wedding photographers is crazy! I don't see how some have work at all! Or maybe I see the competitor's personality and not the personality the customer sees (that's being bi-polar, I think)! I guess what I'm trying to say is, make sure you click (personality wise) with your Wedding Photographer. You should have great communication with your potential Photographer!

  • DO.. Be sure your photographer contracts. Contracts are documents that are legally binding. This contract spells out you're booking that specific date, contract price and putting that 1st payment down for your Wedding Date.... It should be signed and dated by both you (the customer) and your Wedding Photographer.
  • ​DON'T.... Pay contract price in full at signing unless you're positive this is a reputable photography studio business! Lots of reputable wedding vendors offer large discounts if paid in full. This is something we never offer! I feel my clients should see some of our actual work before paying in full!
  • DO.... Look at photographer's work....Look at their wedding albums, prints, websites, etc. Read testimonials on photographer's websites. They will tell you tons! Ask for references if you feel the need!
  • DO.... Look for great customer service!

There are so many do's and don'ts in the Wedding planning process. Be sure to do your homework and do research on all your vendors. It's well worth the time!

God Bless our Military Couples!!!

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